February 28, 2018

East Palo Alto's StreetCode Academy educates, inspires underrepresented programmers

A new report by The State of Black America finds that less than five percent of the Silicon Valley workforce is African-American.

One East Palo Alto nonprofit is working to change that with the StreetCode Academy.

Founder Olatunde Sobomehin and a programmer trained by the academy stopped by ABC7 News to talk about the good work they're doing.


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December 6, 2017

StreetCode Academy: Uplifting Underrepresented Minorities in East Palo Alto with Tech + Business Skills

"StreetCode Academy was founded in summer 2014 as a 4-week web page bootcamp. They followed that successful foray into tech with Hackathons, community tech workshops and two 10-week courses (Introduction to Web Development, Mobile App Fundamentals). Now it’s offering cutting edge virtual reality instruction and entrepreneurship training to the chapters of the StreetCode story."


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June 17, 2017

StreetCode Academy equips leaders to hack, hustle and design the future

"The StreetCode Academy, founded by Olatunde (Tunde) Sobomehin, has created and proven that diverse communities can indeed participate and impact the tech world when given the opportunity."

Rolling Out

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June 14, 2017

Street Code Academy hosts IM|Possible StreetCode Showcase at Facebook

"What they’ve accomplished was showcased at Facebook yesterday evening with participants ranging in age from 7-79 displaying their products. 'Some have built their own websites, created business and are selling into the community,' emailed StreetCode volunteer Ivan Temes. 'More than 20 tutors from Stanford, Duke, other universities, and companies like Google, have voluntarily assisted with their technical expertise the past five months.'"


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August 18, 2015

StreetCode Academy Bridges the Gap Between East Palo Alto and Silicon Valley. 

"East Palo Alto has double the unemployment rate of its neighbor to the west. And one-third of its residents don’t have more than a high school diploma. That’s where StreetCode Academy, part of the philanthropic East Palo Alto-based organization Live in Peace, comes in."

Tech Crunch

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March 23, 2018


"As a caring advocate for empowering and educating youth, Lynch made an unexpected visit to Palo Alto-based StreetCode Academy last month. To celebrate his visit, they dubbed the day's activities “BeastCode,” a merge of Lynch's popular nickname and StreetCode. Lynch felt inspired by their vision to teach the next generation of innovators to create solutions for East Palo Alto and Lynch’s Oakland hometown communities."

Because of Them We Can

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August 13, 2017

StreetCode Academy stands up for the minority communities of East Palo Alto

"Tunde Sobomehin, the organization’s CEO, and all of the senior team members at StreetCode have been in the East Palo Alto area for several years and have now dedicated themselves to developing programs and initiatives that will allow minority youth to curate their own interests in technology and entrepreneurship."

Rolling Out

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June 16, 2017

Young Startup Celebrates Success at Facebook

 “'The whole vision of this organization was about you guys and connecting you with, as much as possible, bridges to this company and places like it. We benefit from a stronger connection with each other and the work you guys are doing is incredible.'” - Chris Cox, Facebook Chief Product Officer.

The Mercury News

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April 7, 2017

StreetCode Builds Up Tech Talent in East Palo Alto

"Currently, the program offers classes on the basics of computing and web development, games, phone applications, design and even has a course called Next Level Programming for those looking to polish their skills. StreetCode is especially relevant for East Palo Alto residents now as the city, long overlooked by developers and tech companies, is starting to get some attention."

Silicon Valley Business Journal

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February 28, 2018

Marshawn Lynch Surprises Students

"On Monday, Feb. 26, BeastMode himself, made a surprise visit to StreetCode, an EPA-based organization that provides free classes in technology. He received a rock-star welcome as he engaged with students building iOS and blockchain applications, electronic speakers, and more. In celebration of his appearance, the day was entitled, BeastCode - a merge of BeastMode and StreetCode’s vision to build a generation of innovators who will create solutions for East Palo Alto."


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July 25, 2017

Street Code Academy Gives Students A Glimpse Into World Of Technology

"While some teens are spending their summer in front of the computer or playing video games, a group of students from south Stockton is on the campus of one of the largest companies in the world learning how to design them. It’s all part of Street Code Academy, a program hosted by Facebook, where young people who live in low-income neighborhoods get training in the field of technology."

CBS Sacramento

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June 16, 2017

'It's a Community Affair': East Palo Alto Nonprofit Seeks to be More Than Another Coding Class

"From 7-year-old Brian Miller to 79-year-old Keisha Evans, no one is too young or old to learn to code, according to StreetCode Academy, a nonprofit in East Palo Alto. The group, which has been trying to bridge the digital divide in the Silicon Valley, is hoping to rally community support to be more than just another coding class. It wants to be the heart of a community that recognizes the power of technology innovation and supports tech learning."

NBC Bay Area

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September 7, 2016

StreetCode Academy: Bringing Virtual Reality to East Palo Alto

"StreetCode Academy in East Palo Alto intends to be at the forefront of exposing its students to the power of this technology. This summer it held the Bay Area’s first and only VR camp. For eight weeks, over twenty students from 7th to 12th grade met daily, Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm to learn the ins and outs of VR."


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