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Our First Digital Demo Day

On Wednesday, May 27th, close to 90 people joined us on Zoom as we hosted our first ever Digital Demo Day! Spring’s Demo Day included our amazing host and Community Engagement Manager, Kyle Carter, who kicked off our event with some StreetCode trivia, rewarding the winners with free product made by StreetCode alumni Dayo McIntosh (yateou) and Jonathan Makonnen (Unfazed). We were later joined by our very own instructor, Daniel Castro, who shared his incredibly inspiring journey - one that began as a self taught coder, and later developed into a full time Senior Director of Product Design for Exabeam. Within the hour, we heard from 6 year old Lucia Andrade-Luna and Makai Lapkin-Vital, who demonstrated their amazing video games, 28 year old Kenneth Jones, who shared his newly built app, and 35 year old, Viridiana Andrade-Luna who presented her work in a Reeborg world, built from learning Python taught in our Intro to Code course. In a span of 7 weeks, our students gained useful tech skills, as well as life long experiences that can be applied for use on their next project or job.

If you're interested in checking out some of our Summer classes go to

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