Harvard economist Alex Bell and Stanford economist Raj Chetty’s recent paper suggests that the significant demographic gap in American inventors can be explained not by ability but by exposure to innovation. In other words, children who grow up around technology are more likely to become inventors themselves. Given the lack of exposure to innovation in minority communities, individuals with the potential to contribute to the innovation ecosystem -- either through jobs or invention -- rarely consider the possibility of pursuing a career in STEM. Bell and Chetty suggest that these “Lost Einsteins,” if exposed to innovation as children, could quadruple the number of American inventors. Given the importance of invention to technological progress here in Silicon Valley, these individuals cannot be overlooked.


StreetCode believes that these “Lost Einsteins” are not lost at all; they exist right here in the beautiful communities of the Bay Area. The Who’s Next campaign aims to bridge this innovation gap. Our solution has three parts:


  • At a surface level, StreetCode exposes underserved communities to the technological landscape; we aim to shape a mindset wherein innovation and tech jobs are attainable dreams.

  • Our variety of classes teach technical and professional skills that qualify students to succeed in industry.

  • We cultivate a network that allows for professional development opportunities, mentorships and real-world industry experience.


We will unleash the next generation of innovators when we give everyone the power to change the world. And that endeavor starts with you.