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StreetCode LIVE is our collective effort to reach families in their homes, offering a hybrid of live and real-time digital curriculum in an online format. These digital classes, scheduled for June 15, 2020 through July 29, 2020, will be meaningful learning opportunities for students in their homes, as well as an opportunity for continued community connection. 


Live @ home


June 15th - July 29th


Streamed content on Instagram

(Unlimited viewing)

StreetCode Live Unlimited

Join us every Monday starting April 6, 2020 for a series of episodes covering coding, game design, makerspace, app design, and entrepreneurship.


Online classes for select students

(Limited to 25-30 students per class)

Junior StreetCode

Ages 4+

Jr. StreetCode is full of fun hands-on/computer activities geared towards helping kids explore their creativity, build tech literacy, and solidify fundamentals (i.e., how to read, write, identify numbers, and count).

Jr. Game Design I & II

Ages 7-12

First time coders use Scratch, a blocked-based language, to learn the basics of programming and Game Design, and how to build out several applications and games. Students will learn to see themselves as coders and develop a curiosity and continue exploring tech.

Engineering Design

Ages 9+

Students learn the design process through exploration of their ideas and hands-on making of physical products. These can be physical products in circuitry, 3D printing, and vinyl cutting. 


Ages 12+

Students will learn to model, code, and simulate Lego Mindstorms robots. This class prepares students for the First Lego League competitions. 

Game Design I & II

Ages 8-12

Students will learn the how & and why of game making. They will also walk away understand how to build their own games!

Music & Technology

Ages 12+

Music and Technology introduces students to sound design and production and how they're both integrated into the newest technologies. Students will learn about recording concepts, digital DAW's, how to build a portfolio, and how to apply these tools, terms, and concepts into a career in sound design. 

Web Design

Ages 12+

Students in the Web Design class learn to own all parts of a website and understand how to design and maintain it. 

App Design

Ages 13+

This course teaches students how to work towards prototypes of an app idea. Students make paper and digital prototypes while learning about the design process, storyboarding, and collaborating with classmates. 

Intro to Code

Ages 13+

Introduces how programming works and how it relates to the design/implementation of a computer program.

Next Level Code

Ages 13+

This class builds proficiency in Python through more advanced algorithms and projects, and introduces the fundamentals of collaborative software engineering. 

Intro to Hustle

Ages 16+

The class will focus on developing ideas, market analysis, product development (costs, pricing, production), business identity (name, logo, branding), sales, writing a business plan, customer service, record keeping and technology, and personal skills development. 

Tech Exposure

Ages 17+

Tech Exposure is perfect for anyone interested in learning how to more effectively use a computer. This class introduces a variety of technical tools, hardware, and software. No experience is needed.

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