Winter 2020

StreetCode Classes



During the fall quarter, in place of regularly scheduled classes, StreetCode will be running office hours on Wednesdays. It’s a time when students of all ages, both new and returning, can receive mentorship, work on their projects, and learn something new in a more open-ended setting than our usual classes. 


What are office Hours? How are they different from classes?

Are there Attendance requirements?

Attendance is drop-in based (unlike our regular 10-week quarterly programming). All learners are welcome to participate at-will, starting at any time throughout the quarter. Of course we encourage you to come as regularly as possible to get the most out of the program!


I want more information about our upcoming event ands classes.

If you are interested in learning more about upcoming programs and events, register using our student portal. Please follow the step below:

1.Click the register button below 

2. Select create a new account or log in if you have already created an account. Please note you will have to verify your account by logging into your email.

3. Parent and guardians will need to complete the information page. If you are over 18, you are adding your information. 

4. Add the name and date of birth for each person you are are registering to add them as a student

5. Register each student for a class

6. If you are signing up to receive information about upcoming quarters, you don't need to register students for our classes


Tips for Registration

  • If you are 18+ and registering yourself for a class, add your information to the Parent/Guardian section and select the "self" option for each field.

  • You must also register yourself as a student before you enroll in a class. 

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